Monday, January 5, 2009

Letter to Amy's Kitchen

Here's my final letter about cardboard packaging.

My family recently resolved to buy boxed food products only if the boxes are made of post-consumer recycled paperboard. This resolution led to dismay when one of us pulled an Amy's meal out of the freezer and discovered that although the box has "CARTON IS RECYCLABLE" printed on it, there's no mention of it being made of recycled materials. Also, the cardboard tray the food sits in is not marked as being made of recycled materials. I realize it can take time between when changes are made to a product and when new packaging is designed to reflect those changes, and am hoping that the boxes used today are, in fact, made of post-consumer recycled material. Could you please tell me whether this is the case? My family is very much hoping the answer is "yes" so we don't have to stop eating Amy's meals when the current supply runs out.

I expect I'll hear from blog readers that I should be cooking whole foods at home, not buying TV dinners. Please keep in mind that my family isn't yet willing to give up some of the products I've given up myself. Personally, I consider Amy's meals to be an unnecessary extravagance, but I cringe at the thought of them not being in the freezer any more because they're better for human health than many of the meals that would otherwise be consumed by family members. If Amy's packaging isn't made of recycled materials, I need to find a more eco-friendly brand of TV dinners ASAP!

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