Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Items collected Tuesday, January 20, 2009

  • 4 aluminum cans (2 Keystone Light beer, 1 Bud Light, 1 Diet Pepsi)
  • 4 plastic bottles (1 Vasa water, 1 Deer Park water, 1 Gatorade Cool Blue, 1 Tropicana Cranberry)

  • 2 ziploc bags

  • 1 plastic straw

One of the aluminum cans had had a cigarette butt placed in it and then been partially squashed. The squashing resulted in the beer-soaked cigarette butt becoming stuck in the can, and I couldn't shake it out when I poured out the beer that remained in the can. I looked around for something to dislodge the cigarette butt, and found a plastic straw a few feet away. Using the straw, I was able to get a large piece of butt out of the can, but there were still shredded pieces left inside the can stinking it up. It was pretty disgusting. Looking on the bright side, if there hadn't been a cigarette butt for me to remove, I wouldn't have picked up the straw and it would have remained on the ground.

Happy Inauguration Day to everyone in the United States!

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