Thursday, October 30, 2008

Items found Wednesday, October 29, 2008

  • 1 glass bottle (Stella Artois beer)
  • 2 aluminum cans (1 roadkilled Miller Lite, 1 squashed Brauerei Beck beer)
  • 6 plastic bottles (1 Deer Park Eco-Shape water, 1 Safeway Refreshe water, 1 Gatorade, 1 Diet Pepsi, 1 Coca-Cola, 1 roadkilled bottle without a label)

  • 1 small plastic bag from the 7-Eleven Bakery, ideal for collecting dog waste

From the time I started keeping this blog until Wednesday, all the squashed cans I found had been squashed so that their sides were visible, and they appeared to have been run over by cars. Then, I found the Brauerei Beck can listed above that had been squashed so that only the top and bottom are visible, the sides being crushed down accordion style. Finding it, and struggling to identify it by the tiny bit of print visible, made me realize just how long it had been since I had found a can crushed like that.

Now that I stop to think about it, this surprises me, because when I was in school a popular activity was stomping on aluminum cans from above and crushing them with one's feet. We did silly things like setting out soda cans in a hopscotch pattern and running through trying to crush them on the first pass. Do kids not do this any more?

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