Saturday, October 18, 2008

Items found Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today I picked up more recyclables and other trash than is normal for me. In the morning, I didn't pick up anything at all because my hands were full. Then, I felt so guilty that I walked to one of the trashiest streets in the neighborhood just to look for recyclables.

Today's recyclables:
  • 3 aluminum cans (2 Budweiser, 1 Milwaukee's Best beer)
  • 6 plastic bottles (1 Deer Park water, 1 roadkilled Deer Park Eco-Shape water, 1 Pepsi, 2 Coca-Cola, 1 Gatorade)
  • 6 glass bottles (1 Snapple, 2 Heineken, 1 Schlitz Red Bull Xtra Long Malt Liquor, 2 Steel Reserve lager)

The last three bottles listed each hold 40 Fl. Oz. and are hefty. I still don't understand how anyone can find it convenient to drink from such large bottles on the street.

Today's reusables:
  • 2 small plastic bags

Other stuff collected today and thrown in the trash:
  • 1 plastic Coca-Cola bottle so mangled that it was beyond my ability to remove the mud from it
  • 1 set of plastic rings from around a 6-pack (cut into strips before going in the trash)
  • 3 plastic bags too torn to be used

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