Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bulk bins finally labeled with ingredient lists!

Some time ago, I spoke to the manager at a health food store I frequent and asked if ingredient lists were available for the breakfast cereals and other prepared foods sold in the store's bulk bins. She summoned the employee who had filled the bins, and he said that he had already discarded the packaging the bulk foods arrived in and had no way of retrieving the ingredient lists. He promised to save the ingredient lists the next time a shipment arrived. Meanwhile, I haven't bought any multi-ingredient products from the bulk bins at that store.

Then, today, I checked the bulk bins again, and was delighted to discover ingredient lists on all the granola bins! There still aren't any labels on the bins containing muesli, spirulina bars, or other prepared products, but it's a start. Tomorrow, I'll return to the store with a big, empty container, and will buy lots of granola. I'm actually more of a cornflake eater than a granola eater, but to escape single-use plastic bags I'm willing to make the switch to granola.

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