Monday, December 8, 2008

Items found Monday, December 8, 2008

Today, there were no Budweiser cans in the location near my workplace where I found multiple Budweiser cans last week. Instead, there were lots of other recyclables scattered along the route I walk to work.

  • 3 glass bottles (2 Heineken, 1 Miller High Life "The Champagne of Beers")
  • 4.5 aluminum cans (2 Diet Coke, 1 Milwaukee's Best Ice beer, 1.5 Coors Light)
  • 6 plastic bottles (1 Dasani water, 1 Safeway Refreshe water, 1 Coca-Cola, 1 Mountain Dew, 1 Diet Pepsi, 1 roadkilled bottle without a label)

  • 2 plastic carrier bags
  • 1 coat hanger

  • 1 set of 6-pack rings from around Coors Light cans

I don't think I've ever before recorded half an aluminum can. I found two Coors Light cans today, and one had had its lower half torn off. I wish I knew where the missing half ended up.

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