Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Items found Monday, December 15, 2008

  • 3 aluminum cans (1 Coors Light, 1 Budweiser, 1 Steel Reserve lager)
  • 9 plastic bottles (1 Canadian Mist whisky, 2 Dasani water, 1 roadkilled Aquafina water, 1 roadkilled Ethos water, 1 Tropicana orange juice, 1 Rock Creek lime soda, 2 roadkilled bottles without labels)

  • 1 plastic produce bag (repurposed for dog waste collection)
  • 2 plastic carrier bags

  • 1 plastic bottle lacking a recycling symbol and resin type

A friend recently gave me a lecture on how only manufacturers located in Scotland are allowed to call the beverage they produce "whisky". According to my friend, all other countries can produce only "whiskey", with an "e" in it. I was therefore amused to see a bottle from Canada labeled "whisky". I thought about saving it to show my friend, but decided it would just lead to another rant about the woeful ignorance of North Americans. Interestingly, Wikipedia confirms that Canadians call their product "whisky".

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