Thursday, April 2, 2009

Recyclables collected Tuesday, March 31, 2009

  • 2 glass bottles (1 Stella Artois beer, 1 Best Mango Juice Drink)
  • 1 aluminum can (roadkilled Steel Reserve lager)
  • 2 plastic bottles (1 Deer Park water, 1 Crystal Ridge water)

The Best Mango Juice Drink was bottled in Egypt. I often marvel at just how many of the bottles and cans I pick up contained beverages from other continents. What's odd is that when it comes to foodstuffs, it's very difficult to obtain the foreign imports I crave. I'm a bit jealous of the people who are able to buy the imported products they enjoy. Of course, it would be better if all these products were made locally, of locally-grown ingredients.

The Crystal Ridge water is distributed by a company located in "Earth City," Missouri. I wonder how the city ended up with a name like that.

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Martin said...

If beverage manufacturing was more localized, I think the returnable bottle could give other options a run for their money with regard to sustainability.