Thursday, February 19, 2009

Falling off the low-plastic wagon

I haven't been doing very well lately with avoiding plastic. Some of the items giving me problems are:

Lip balm. The weather has been nasty, and I want real lip balm, not shea butter.

Breakfast cereal. I keep thinking I should switch to bulk oatmeal, but I don't always have access to a stove so the only type of oatmeal that really works for me is the "one minute" kind. I really should get around to looking into how regular oats get turned into minute oats. If it's something simple I could do at home, buying bulk oatmeal may be a good way to avoid bagged breakfast cereals.

Dishwashing gloves. My old pair became unusable some time ago, and since then I've been washing dishes with bare hands. It worked well until I washed dishes for three hours straight. The next morning, I discovered the skin on my hands peeling off in a most disgusting fashion. I bought new gloves later that day.

Shampoo. I usually wash my hair using bar soap, but whenever I have an important meeting I use bottled shampoo.

Clif bars. They're on sale this week. I'm only human and cannot resist!

Work items. I use disposable vinyl products at work and don't anticipate being able to avoid them any time soon. (On a more positive note, I'm proud to say that even though my job involves seemingly endless off-site meetings, I've never owned a car and have managed to get to each and every meeting by bus or on foot.)

I'll keep trying to avoid disposable plastic, but don't anticipate much progress in the near future.

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